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About Dr. Kennedy

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My Story


I am a psychologist because I believe in the power of discourse and action to affect change in individual lives, contributing to a better global community. Through provocative, supportive, and creative conversations with my clients, and a willingness to do things differently, change occurs.


The process may be difficult at times, but ultimately, most people walk away with an awareness of options for behaving, relating, or understanding more effectively. Through thoughtful questioning, healthy confrontation, and a lot of laughter (yes, a sense of humor is vital in this process), I will do my best to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. As with all pursuits, your ambition and willingness to step out of your comfort zone will impact your progress in psychotherapy.  By bringing synchronicity to our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can better understand ourselves and thrive in our relationships.


Studies have suggested that the most important variable in determining "success" in psychotherapy is rooted in the "therapeutic alliance" created between the therapist and client. Simply put, it is important to work with someone you feel is a good match for you! My approach to therapy is highly interactive and I would describe myself as an engaging, opinionated, and socially conscious therapist. I work hard to earn your trust, expect hard work from my clients and have a strong code of ethics. Lastly, I strongly feel that a sense of humor, amidst the pain, is critical in the work we do with one another. So, by recognizing the absurdity of some of our choices and behaviors, we can use laughter to relieve pain and elevate us to new plateaus.  

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